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SAFe DevOps 5.0

Learn to help people in technical, Operations, and management roles work together to optimize the value stream and deliver valuable technology solutions at the speed of business.

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SAFe DevOps 5.0 Course Information

To cope up with the challenging market trends, every enterprise should engage in delivering beneficial technology outcomes aligning with business speed. To achieve this, every member in the team should possess a shared DevOps mindset in defining, executing, testing, deploying, and releasing software driven approaches. This promotes collaboration between CI/CD operated engineers and development, testing and operations teams.

With this two-day SAFe DevOps training, learners can gain information across all the technical, non-technical and leadership aspects to improve their value stream from planning to operational solutions. An attendee will be able to know what DevOps is, why it holds more prominence and how to build their own continuous delivery pipeline system. Besides gaining the knowledge to simplify processes, eliminate obstacles, and map the whole delivery pipeline, the workshop will also prepare you for the thorough SAFe DevOps Practitioner (SDP) Certification.

SAFe DevOps 5.0 Course Overview

With this SAFe DevOps Practitioner training, attendees will learn how to:

  • Clearly define and implement strategic business principles through DevOps
  • Know how CALMR methodologies shuffles off automating broken activities
  • Get the clear picture of implementing DevOps through continuous exploration, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and the ability to deliver to customers on demand
  • Consolidation of continuous security and continuous testing processes in the SAFe pipeline delivery
  • Execute value-stream mapping techniques to determine flow value and find out any blockages in the delivery process
  • Implement DevOps tools and skillset deliberately for the quick and effective results
  • Formulate DevOps solutions and investments for valuable economic outcomes
  • Plan and execute multi-level transformation design adapted for the enterprise requirements
  • Collaborate with all roles and levels in the organization to continually optimize the value stream 

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Why Choose Agilefever ?
Why SAFe DevOps training with AgileFever?

  • Delivers full-scale SAFe program development 
  • Training from subject matter experts and distinguished Agile leaders
  • AgileFever provides SAFe solutions as per tomorrow's needs
  • Provides best exam practices and data-drive approaches 
  • Offers step-by-step guidance and data-drive approaches 
  • Receives access to Meetup groups which connects an individual with SAFe experts

Who can attend ?

1. Development/Engineering Managers

2. Scrum Masters

3. System Administrators

4. Release Train Engineers

5. Agile Release Train members

6. Business Analysts

7. Product Managers/Product Owners

8. SAFe Agile Consultants

What do the Trainee get at the end of Training

A certified SAFe DevOps Practitioners will be aware of the topic:

  •       Introduction to DevOps
  • Alignment with Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Synchronize development systems with Continuous Exploration 
  • Augmented quality with Continuous Integration methods 
  • Delivering business values with Release on Demand
  • Implements actions
  • Improve your time to market through the execution of Continuous Deployment

Attendees will receive

  •       Digital workbooks
  •       Access to SAFe DeOps Practitioner Badge
  • SAFe DevOps Practitioner training completion certified
  • Access to SAFe Community platform
  • Access to 15 PDU 
  • Receives access to Meetup groups which connects an individual with SAFe experts

Process to Become A SAFe DevOps 5.0

Register the Course

Attend the Training

Create Login

Attempt the exam

Clear the exam and get certified

Enjoy 1-year membership.

  • Step 1: Register to the certified SAFe DevOps Practitioner online course with AgileFever.
  • Step 2: Attend for AgileFever’s 2-day SDP training, and complete the training
  • Step 3: Upon the successful completion of course, you will be receiving a link to create your own login credentials for the SAFe platform.
  • Step 4: Give your first attempt for the SAFe DevOps Practitioner Exam
  • Step 5: Get SDP certification by having a qualifying score of 73%
  • Step 6: Then receive the SAFe DevOps certification along with the one-year membership access for SAFe Community Platform

Exam Details

  • Name of the Exam – SAFe DevOps5.0  Practitioner
  • Examination Format – Online, Multiple Choice Questions
  • Total No-of Questions – 45
  • Access to exam- Once you complete the SDP course from AgileFever you will be given access to the exam by SAFe community platform.
  • Examination Fee – As a part of registration, a candidate can give their free  first attempt of SAFe DevOps Practitioner Exam, within a period of 30 days after course completion.
  • Duration – 90 minutes
  • Re attempt Fee- 50$
  • Qualifying Score – 73%
  • Language- English
  • Retake Policy- As soon as the first attempt is completed, participants can give their best attempt in the second attempt also. For the third attempt, there is a wait period of 10 days and the fourth follows up with a 30-day wait period.


AgileFever demands no experience on individuals who wish to attend DevOps SAFe Agile course.


AgileFever offers an online format of SAFe DevOps Practitioner training. Contact us for more detailed information.

Yes, we provide a complete refund of your money in case a candidate does not attend for the training sessions. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, AgileFever provides training material and also provides access to various learning resources.

The qualifying score is 73% (33 out of 45)

SAFe DevOps course in intended to

  • Minimize the probability of release failures
  • Enhanced quality of deployments
  • Improved solution values

The certification fee is included in the course fee.

The SAFe DevOps Practitioner certificate is valid for one year. After that, it has to be renewed to extend the validity.

Candidates need to let us know before 4 hours of initiating the class. So, then they can get their money refund. For more information reach out to us at [email protected]

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