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Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Certification Training

Professional Scrum Master Certification focuses on guiding you on how to be agile than only doing agile. Also, learn to update artifacts, and plan scrum and releases.

  • 2 Days of Online Professional Scrum Master Certification Training & Knowledge.
  • 18 hours of Training. [9 hours per day over 2 days]
  • PSM Certified Authorized Instructors
  • 100% Assured Results.
  • Pre- & Post-course Downloadable Customized Materials.
  • Access to updated materials through brochures, PPTs, case studies, etc.
  • 24X7 Support using chatbots


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Course Overview

Professional Scrum Master Certification gives you a two-day training where you learn about the principles and process theory supporting the Scrum framework and the core of scrum and agile movement. The PSM course assists you to understand the fundamentals of scrum and how it is applied in projects efficiently. They help you to develop a reflective understanding of servant leadership where you can act as a Scrum Master. 

This course opens for new career opportunities where you can be guided to lead a team, comprehend your roles as a Scrum Master, resolve conflicts, and enhance the productivity of scrum. PSM training through AgileFever will aid in preparing for its certification along with study materials, training, and practice exams. Apart from the knowledge and understanding of Scrum, you can also apply them in a real-world situation.

What will you learn?

  • Experience a comprehensive development cycle effortlessly.
  • Work at your own pace as well as towards the organizational goals.
  • Get to work on the software development.
  • Deliver your projects with job satisfaction and on time.
  • Get an understanding to deliver the product according to customer expectations. 
  • Good know-how of agile practice in a practical way.
  • Get fully engaged in activities, and design the scrum workflow smoothly.
  • Get in-depth knowledge detail on agile and scrum concepts.
  • Become a professional Scrum Master in applying scrum methodology in your projects.


Individual Benefits

  • Gain a strong base of Scrum knowledge.
  • Scrum Master certification to exhibit your expertise.
  • Showcase your key Scrum knowledge to peers and lead them.
  • Stay marketable.
  • Adapt to the workplace from a traditional to an agile culture.
  • Grab more projects with qualified employees.
  • Get a badge of honor.
  • Be a Certified Scrum Developer.

Corporate Benefits

  • Improved product quality through frequent feedback and improvement.
  • Increased team productivity by promoting collaboration and communication.
  • Enhanced project visibility through transparency and regular updates.
  • Higher customer satisfaction through early and frequent value delivery.
  • Adoption of agile mindset for increased innovation and adaptability.

Our Happy Customers

Who can attend?

The Professional Scrum Master Certification Training is mainly designed for:

  • Practitioners starting a career as a Scrum Master
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile/Scrum Coaches
  • Consultants intending to improve their use of Scrum
  • For those involved in product delivery using Scrum
  • Practitioners starting a career as a Scrum Master
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile/Scrum Coaches
  • Consultants intending to improve their use of Scrum
  • For those involved in product delivery using Scrum
  • Practitioners starting a career as a Scrum Master
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile/Scrum Coaches
  • Consultants intending to improve their use of Scrum
  • For those involved in product delivery using Scrum

Training Schedule

Corporate Training
Build Agile Team that excel with Customized Corporate Training & Group Discount

Training & Certification

The Professional Scrum Master I [PSM I] Practice Assessment is accurately designed to assist you to formulate and practice for the Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master I [PSM I] Assessment. 

Exam Fee: Free

Time limit: 30 minutes

Number of questions: 40

Passing score: 85%

Format: Multiple Choices, True/False.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Study Topics: How To Pass The Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Assessment From Scrum.org.

Study material: Latest Scrum Guide (2020)

Language: English only

It is not really compulsory for the candidate to take up a Professional Scrum training class only to get certification by taking one of our assessments. There is more to the certification than only being a part of this course session; that’s why Scrum certification is highly considered in the industry. Thus we prepare assessments for those who opt for this course to show your proper understanding of the Scrum Master role.  

Those candidates who can pass any of the three levels of PSM assessments will be receiving the recognized certification from the corresponding industry.

PSM 1 Certificate


  • The Scrum framework 
  • Scrum philosophy and principles 
  • Scrum planning 
  • The Scrum Master
  • Quality and Definition of Done 
  • Cross-functional, self-organizing teams 
  • Coaching and facilitation 
  • Assessment and certification

Certification Process

Step 1: Enroll in our Professional Scrum Master Certification Training course.

Step 2: Acquire access to the course brochure, study materials, and resources for the Scrum Master Certification Training course.

Step 3: Attend the live sessions virtually.

Step 4: Every session is interactive with discussions, PPTs, practices, and case studies.

Step 5: Once you are done with the complete training, the candidate details will be uploaded on AgileFever’s website.

Step 6: When you progress better in the practices and experimentations of Professional Scrum Master Corporate Training, you’ll receive Scrum Master Certification and the percentage marks with a digital badge to promote your accomplishment online.

Step 7: Log in with the given credentials to the AgileFever website and easily download your certificate with a digital badge.

Step 8: Be a Certified Scrum Master professional and perk up your IT career path.

Corporate Training
Build Agile Team that excel with Customized Corporate Training & Group Discount



The PSM 1 course provides a wide understanding to identify why and how several Scrum roles and processes are there to choose what fits your team or organization, making it valued despite Scrum technique application.

The PSM certification is offered by Scrum.org, an organization that functions to enhance the professionalism in Scrum training and assist the professionals and leaders to lead their way while offering depth knowledge of the principles and processes of Scrum.

You can follow the below points to prepare yourself for PSM certification:

  • Know about the Scrum Framework and the roles and responsibilities added in the Scrum guide.
  • Get enrolled in one of the accredited PSM certification courses and get open assessments various times to evaluate them.
  • Feel free to join several Scrum forums, go through exam patterns, and add up to your real-world knowledge.
  • Register yourself right before the due date and give your exams confidently.

PSM is an online exam that you can give through a laptop, PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

The format or assessment of PSM certification covers multiple-choice questions and true/false questions – 80 questions overall that have to be solved in one hour’s time. You have to get 85% passing marks to clear your assessment.

When you receive the accredited PSM certification courses, you can effortlessly pass the exam. This is an open-book exam. Once you know about the information and techniques and understand them, you can easily attempt for the questions asked.

The highest salary a Professional Scrum Master will receive is ₹22L, and the lowest is ₹6L, thus making the average base salary 14L in India and $ 61,000 – 142,000 in the US.

Scrum Master, Agile Project Management Scrum Master, and Project Manager are a few of the jobs that require a certified PSM.

Yes, you can cancel your enrolment if required and if it is very much urgent. We will refund you back the course price after doing a deduction on an administration fee. To know more, visit our Refund Policy section.

The best PSM 1 certification is from AgileFever. Our aim is to assist the teams, organizations, and individuals resolve problems by relating professional scrum via several training courses, certifications, and current learning sessions according to the commando competency models.  

The PSM 1 exam is pretty interesting, where you need to score 85 percent in a one-hour open book exam. The key to passing the exam is to get proper training followed by completing the assessment on time.

Yes, you can reschedule the PSM training class, but you have to inform us beforehand. We will reschedule for another date at your preferred time. 

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Corporate Training
Build Agile Team that excel with Customized Corporate Training & Group Discount

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