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Certified Scrum Master Training (CSM Certification)

Certified Scrum Master Certification by Scrum alliance helps the entry level scrum masters master the role and learn more about Scrum and Agile.

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Our certified scrum master courses are designed to provide you with a strong understanding of team accountabilities, artifacts, team dynamics, and ways to guide your team in their agile journey. Mentored by the most experienced and passionate agile experts, you are sure to get an interactive and engaging experience with a personalized touch. Through this training, students can get hands-on practical skills to understand and implement scrum methodologies in real world scenarios.

Some Key Features of our CSM course

  1. 2 Days of online or in-class learning.

  2. Complimentary access to 50+ prerequisite courses.

  3. Permission to retake exam twice after first time failure.

  4. Earn 18 PDUs and 20 SEUs in just 2 days.

  5. Get 3-year membership with scrum alliance

A certified scrum master course is beneficial not only to the entire organization in terms of high -quality product development and delivery, but also benefits an individual with increased career opportunities and expanded professional collaboration. A scrum master plays the most important role in steering the organization towards innovation and improved productivity.

  1. 80 percent Scrum Professionals suggest CSM for industry professionals.

  2. 85 percent of global complex IT projects are handled with Scrum.

  3. 70 percent of professionals claimed improved work-life with Scrum.

  4. 72 percent individuals cited career improvement as the biggest reason for CSM training.

Your scrum journey doesn’t end with a CSM certification. Rather, it is the first step towards earning the gold standard of professional agility. 

Below are some of the courses we offer on scrum master

  1. Scaled Agile Scrum Master: This is a 2-day scrum master certification course which educates learners about the scaled agile framework; a set of methods to implement enterprise-wide agile practices. Our course is designed to help you explore and train agile teams, gain substantial knowledge on program increment, understand scrum master role in context of organization, and more.

  2. Scaled Agile Advanced Scrum Master: This 2-day advanced scrum master course prepared you for organization wide collaboration to support successful program execution. You will learn about scrum models along with introduction to DevOps processes and Kanban execution. Also, our course will help you explore tools to manage agile teams and learn pragmatic ways to manage agile and scrum challenges.

  3. Professional Scrum Master: Students will learn how to leverage scrum for maximizing value and productivity of software products. In this 2-day course, students are trained to develop a strong understanding of agile and scrum principles, and learn professional scrum through trainers with their own scrum master experiences and stories.