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Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) Certification Training

A Professional Scrum Product Owner training course to take your Scrum experience to the next level and become a certified PSPO expert.

  • 16 Hours of Live Instructor-led Online Training
  • Earn 14 PDUs
  • Training Material from Scrum
  • Real-World Simulations 
  • Comprehensive Exam Support
  • Exam Fee Included in Course Fee


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Course Overview

The Professional Scrum Product Owner certification is an interactive experience that immerses participants in the world of the professional scrum. Learn how to maximize success in this ever-evolving environment through guided activities. Get an immersive experience in Product Ownership and gain foundational knowledge in Agile Product Management.

The PSPO training is designed to equip Product Owners with the skills and knowledge to create successful products in an Agile environment. Through interactive lectures, case studies, and hands-on exercises, participants will gain a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of agile development processes in developing successful products. This course teaches how to optimize workflows by implementing best practices for timely delivery and customer satisfaction. Through engaging instruction and team activities, participants can hone their understanding of this agile framework’s key components in a fun and dynamic way!

What will you learn?

  • PSPO Certification enhances knowledge and skills in product ownership and management.
  • PSPO training course covers Scrum framework and Product Owner role.
  • Course includes product vision, stakeholder management, user stories, backlog management, and prioritization techniques.
  • Scrum.org awards PSPO certification, a leading global provider of Scrum training and certification programs.
  • PSPO certification demonstrates proficiency in Scrum product ownership, leading to career advancement and increased earning potential.


Individual Benefits

  • Designed to give the skills and knowledge to become a successful product owner.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a product owner. 
  • Understand Agile methodology to lead and manage complex agile projects. 
  • Learn how to create effective user stories and prioritize backlogs.  
  • Create a product roadmap tailored to organizational objectives.
  • Utilize customer feedback to inform product strategy.

Corporate Benefits

  • Make your business more agile and responsive with a Product Owner role
  • Embrace a product-focused mindset to increase the worth of your endeavors. 
  • Unlock new opportunities to bridge business strategy.
  • Understand user needs to optimize product delivery.
  • Ensure successful implementation of the business strategy and product vision.

Our Happy Customers

Who can attend?

Here are some of the specific profiles who can apply for Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Training:

  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Managers-Software development
  • Architects-Software development
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Managers-Software development
  • Architects-Software development
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Managers-Software development
  • Architects-Software development
  • Product Managers

Training Schedule

Corporate Training
Build Agile Team that excel with Customized Corporate Training & Group Discount

Training & Certification

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) Exam Details:

Exam Name: Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Exam format: Multiple choice questions with No negative marking

Training and Exam: In-person / Live Online.

Number of questions: 80.

Passing score: 68 out of 80 [85% and above to be certified].

Exam duration: 60 minutes [1 hour]

Exam delivery: Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside help.

Exam access: Can access the exam from any web browser.

Exam cost: First exam attempt is included as part of the course registration fee with AgileFever.

Cost of each retake attempt: Free if the exam is taken within 14 days of getting the password and doesn’t score 85% in first attempt. After two attempts, you have to pay a fee of $200 to give the exam again.

Retake policy:

Second attempt on the exam [first retake] can be done directly after the first attempt. You don’t need to pay any fees if you have given the first attempt within 14 days of getting your course password.

This course delves deeper into the Scrum framework from a Product Owner perspective, so it is recommended that students have a firm grasp of its fundamentals prior to attending. Prove your knowledge with an Open certification – and get ready for some insight!

Professional Scrum Product Owner- PSPO 1


  • Managing Products with Agility.
  • Developing and Delivering Products professionally with the right tools. 
  • Evolving the Agile Organization to find success in a rapidly-changing business environment.
  • Value and pricing models for Scaling.
  • Agile governance, budgeting, and contracting regarding Scrum.

Certification Process

Step 1: Get trained through AgileFever for the two-day certification course. 

Step 2: Take the online PSPO I exam from Scrum.org 

Step 3: Correctly answer 68/80 Multiple Choice Questions.

Step 4: Achieve at least an 85% score within 60 minutes. 

Step 5: Use login details to download the PSPO certificate online.

Corporate Training
Build Agile Team that excel with Customized Corporate Training & Group Discount



There are no specific prerequisites to take the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) training. However, basic knowledge of Scrum in a real-world context is beneficial, though not mandatory. 

You can get 14 PDUs and 14 SEUs by taking the Professional Scrum Product Owner training program.

Yes, after completing this course at AgileFever; you will receive a completion certificate.

No, you will have a time limit of 60 minutes and will be unable to pause the test. If you close the window, then you’ll be able to reopen it easily. In case your exam page freezes, you can refresh the web browser and you will be able to continue the exam from where you left it.

PSM and PSPO certifications are both offered by Scrum.org. They are classified as being in the same difficulty level as Scrum.org. It is recommended to take the product owner suite of certifications as PSM first because PSPO covers everything that comes under PSM and also incorporates a few additional concepts.

The PSPO has lifetime validity and does not require any renewal. The PSPO certification is offered by Scrum.org, a world-renowned body dedicated to helping professionals and organizations embrace agile by knowing its principles and values.

Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner earns an average of $134,366 annually.

Yes. The Professional Scrum Product Owner certification can only be taken online. After you complete your 2-day PSPO I course, you will receive an email from Scrum.org with the exam link and key to attempt the exam.

Our PSPO training aims to enhance your skills to be an effective Scrum Master. You will develop practical skills to apply scrum principles, manage product backlogs, manage product development involving multiple teams, and effectively deploy the Scrum Framework.

You will have to attend two days of PSPO I training under a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), by which you will receive a key to the PSPO Assessment. Once you pass the Assessment, you can download your certificate instantly.

Yes. Scrum.org allows you to retake the Professional Scrum Product Owner exam. There is a cost associated with each attempt beyond the first two attempts taken within 14 days.

Yes, you can switch your start date with prior notice of at least 24 hrs 

and check the availability in the desired batch.

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Build Agile Team that excel with Customized Corporate Training & Group Discount

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