Kanban System Design

The 2-day KMP I course at Agile Fever constitutes a blend of demonstration, simulations, and implementations. Our expert Kanban trainers will empower you to design a Kanban system and drive your organization towards progressive evolutionary change with Kanban. Not only will you be familiar with the concept of pull, flow, and collaborative improvement, you will also be faster and responsive through better risk management and governance.

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KMP I certification is a highly interactive two day course accredited by the Lean Kanban University, providing a detailed and pragmatic approach to help teams design a Kanban system for an improved process organization.

Kanban certifications are being recognized as the most valuable framework to achieve simplified, optimized, and efficient business processes. Some of the best Kanban certifications are:

  1. Team Kanban Practitioner Certification: It will help you practice Kanban, manage your team, and improve efficiency along with the quality of work,

  2. Kanban Management Professional Certification I: This helps you take a proactive and subtle approach to guide teams for high-value projects. 

  3. Kanban Management Professional Certification II: A successive course to KMPI, this empowers managers with the right approach to identify and solve business problems without affecting quality.

  4. Kanban Coaching Professional Certification: This gives you the highest authority in the Kanban framework. You can access private forums of collaborations, will have a better approach to advanced Kanban techniques, and more.

Kanban System Design is a STATIK-based approach for designing a Kanban system which optimizes your existing work process through advanced tools, metrics, and controls to catalyze continuous process improvements and improve service delivery."