How to Choose Between Scrum and Kanban for Your Teams

Choose between Scrum and Kanban

Before you can determine which agile framework is best for your team, you need to understand the differences between Scrum and Kanban. Both frameworks are popular for their ability to help teams work better and achieve faster turnaround times. However, there are some key differences that you should consider before making your decision. In this […]

Top 31 Kanban FAQ’s That Can Boost Your Career

31 kanban FAQ's - AgileFever

1. What are Kanban Key metrics? A. Kanban Key Metrics are Cycle time, Lead TIme Distribution and Flow Efficiency. 2. What is difference between Kanban and Scrum? A. Kanban and Scrum are both ways to achieve business Agility. Kanban is a method or set of practices while Scrum is a Framework, both which follows Agile […]

Kanban Metrics: Key flow Metrics – AgileFever

Kanban Metrics - Key Flow Metrics - AgileFever

As per the English Oxford Living Dictionary metrics is “A method of measuring something, or the results obtained from this”. And why do we need metrics? The answer of this question is to make the process predictable. Once we can predict the process, we can improve it. introduced 4 basic key flow metrics in […]

Class of Service and Work item type in Kanban | AgileFever

Class of service - kanban

Chris and Adams co-author a book and now visiting different countries to market their book. It is the last stop for their journey to attend a seminar in Chris’s country, and Adam will travel back to his homeland after that. When they reached the airport, they realized that their flight is canceled due to technical […]