If you are a task or project manager, do you know how to better coordinate your management efforts and improve your working methodology? Your search for a suitable tool shouldn’t end but continue as follows: Kanban. A visual project management tool, Kanban assists in assigning importance to jobs, monitoring progress and increasing team efficiency. The trend is currently towards introducing Kanban into the organization; there are many types of support which will assist in implementing the new system. This blogpost is going to investigate the five most popular Kanban tools that a product or project manager has to try.

5 Best Kanban Tools

1. Trello:

This is why trello is currently among the most useful kanban tools. It comes with an easy-to-use interface where one can create, organize, and move around the various boards containing lists and cards easily. Each card supports due dates, labels, attachments, and comments, allowing you to organize individual or group activities. Another advantage of Trello is the fact that it intergrates with many other tools including Slack and Google Drive.

2. Jira:

It also features the Kanban board from Jira, one of the most used project management tools today. It is especially ideal to be used in cases of software development, because there are more sophisticated things like an issue tracker, a bug tracker and a release manager. Through customization of your boards, workflows, and issue types, Jira aligns with your specific team needs. Jira has strong reporting and analytics functionality that will tell you what your teams is really doing and where to focus on.

3. Monday.com:

One such example of such a tool is Monday.com, which has a Kanban perspective as one of its functions. You can make your own customized boards with columns and cards, as well as assign tasks to team members. Monday.com also provides automation functionalities like recurrent tasks, as well as reminders to improve your working process. As such, companies from all sizes and sectors may benefit greatly from Monday.com because of its simple interface and vast integration options.

4. Asana:

One of the popular project management tools today is Asana. It lets you develop boards, lists, and cards for organizing your projects and tracking their status. Within each task you can specify due dates, assignees, and dependencies allowing for managing large projects. Asana also comprises high-end properties like timeline view, work schedule coordination, and reports that make it an ideal solution for project managers.

5. Kanbanize:

The Kanbanize tool has been designed uniquely for dedicated use towards supporting your project and product management. It offers flexibility through provision of adjustable boards, swimlane, and cards that help in accommodating a unique workflow. Additionally, kanbanize has advanced analytics and reporting tools like cycle time and cumulative flow charts that will help a manager understand his or her team’s strengths and improve its weak areas. Kanbanize is an ideal option for teams searching for a dedicated kanban tool focusing on Kanban process.

Therefore, Kanban tools come in handy to product and project managers who want to streamline their workflow by enhancing teamwork. Whichever option from amongst Trello, Jira, Monday.com, Asana or Kanbanize, each of these tools provides specific features and advantages that may be used to introduce agile project management using the Kanban approach. Try them out then and see which one best suits the needs of your team. Happy Kanban-ing!