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Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) Certification Training

Kanban Maturity Model is a framework that makes organizations more agile and adaptable. The 3- day Kanban Maturity Model Training by AgileFever helps you determine the maturity level of an organization in terms of management practices, business outgrowth and operating revenue. Business managers implement KMM practices to help the organization lead to the next level, develop agility, and deliver better.

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After completing all the online training sessions successfully, the participants will receive the certificate of completion Kanban Maturity Model Course.

With Kanban Maturity Model, participants will acquire deeper knowledge on Kanban methods, and implementation of Kanban practices, and discover the proven roadmap to take the organization to higher maturity. 

Yes, we are the licensed providers of the Kanban Maturity Model Training by Kanban University.
One of the critical benefits of Kanban practices is that it helps you understand where your organization stands today and enables you to take actionable steps to improve delivery capabilities.

KMM Training helps you to determine the organization's maturity level and teaches you to implement Kanban methods to lead the right approach towards the organization’s agility and growth.
The Kanban Maturity Model certification is licensed by the universally recognized Kanban University and conducted by the Kanban Certified Training Partners.
The Kanban Coaching Professional certification is for candidates who have already taken the class of KMM. Along with the KMM you can have the full playbook for learning Kanban Coaching techniques.

To unlock your Kanban Maturity Model Certificate, you need to attend all the live online training. You can then log in with your course credentials at AgileFever and download it.

Individuals who are Kanban coaches, Agile practitioners, transformation initiative leaders, business managers, project managers, service managers and team leaders can enroll for the KMM Training program.
You can click on enroll to know the fee structure for the Kanban Certified Training.