Implementing DevOps (ICP-IDO) Certification Training

The ICP-IDO DevOps Certification Training course involves a hands-on approach to planning, building, monitoring, and maturing a DevOps pipeline; also learning to avoid the common pitfalls and overcoming obstacles to DevOps implementations.

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To succeed in this course, you should have previously completed ICP-FDO course.

ICP-IDO DevOps Certification offers you hands-on experience and access to planning, developing, monitoring, and establishing a DevOps pipeline effortlessly.
Once you complete the ICP-IDO training, you will acquire a brilliant foundation for implementing DevOps in your organization and be well-acquainted in evading general drawbacks, and also surpass hindrances towards the implementation of DevOps.
ICAgile Member Organization determines the ICP-IDO Certification cost for the 2-day class sessions. Select your class as per the timing and dates mentioned and as per your preference. Once done, you can register yourself and come across more information like pricing, location, etc.  
Though official ICAgile certification is not there for ICP-IDO, participants have to pass the assessment tests. You can directly contact AgileFever where you can learn they will conduct the exams for evaluation after your course knowledge acquisition which would determine the eligibility of your certification.
Once you submit your survey, AgileFever will issue and send your ICP-IDO certification to tour email id in PDF format which you can download anytime and share in your professional network. This applies to the new users and returning users.