ICAgile Agility in the Enterprise (ICP-ENT) Certification Training

ICAgile ICP-ENT course emphasizes expanding knowledge of agility at the enterprise level from structural, process, leadership, and cultural outlook.

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ICAgile Certified Agility in Enterprise [ICP-ENT] is a certification program on the Agile coaching track which emphasizes expanding an inner understanding of agility at the enterprise level from structural, leadership, cultural perspectives, and processes.  

By the end of the ICP-ENT course, you will be able to determine a good understanding of:
  • Agile Facilitation Skills
  • Facilitating Agile Meetings
  • Agile Team Characteristics
  • Coaching Conversation
  • Mentoring vs. Coaching
  • Agile Roles and Transitions
  • Team Development Models
  • Team Overcoming Team Dysfunctions
  • Setting up for High Performance
  • Managing Organisational Impediments
Before you begin the course of ICP-ENT, you will be given the brochure industry articles and research materials. This will help you go through them properly and get prepared for the session. We are always there to help you from the time you associate with learning from us about the certification. 
The ICAgile ICP-ENT is a 5 Days – 4 hours per day offered at AgileFever which comprises agile frameworks for enterprise scaling, systems, and complexity theory, assessing business performance from an agile outlook, comprehending leadership development, strategizing an organizational structure, and applying cultural knowledge. 
Yes, you can keep all the course materials for your personal use. You can even download any course materials for up to 14 days after the course has ended.
Each ICAgile Member Organization decides how they want to evaluate the candidates [e.g., group activities, exercises, etc.]. You can contact us to learn how they will assess your knowledge attainment during the class to decide on your certification eligibility.
This course doesn’t have an exam. You will complete the learning outcomes by participating in our online sessions which are online classroom-based learning. Our accredited courses will comprise essential learning objectives required to qualify for certification.
This course is fully online, so no need to come to a classroom in person. You can measure your readings, assignments, and lectures anytime and anywhere through the web or your mobile device.
It is recommended that the participants should have three years of experience as an agile team coach or they should have attended any agile coaching course, ICAgile Certified Professional or equivalent.
ICAgile ICP-ENT certification is valid for a lifetime. There is no certification renewal fee. 
After the course finishes, we offer an extensive follow-up program to all our candidates including two sessions with a professional coach. You can also ask for an individual coaching session after your course completion if you need extra help. These sessions will assist you to be an Enterprise Agile Coach.

After you complete the course from AgileFever, you can earn the ICAgile ICP-ENT Certification [ICP-ENT]. Through virtual classes, we will help you get a hybrid learning with expert trainers, interactive live sessions, and ICP-ENT certification.
Such circumstances can come up where you have to drop out from your said date for the course training. Understanding your situation, we can reschedule the date for you as per your preference. We will refund back the full money which will be refunded to you within 7 days of booking for this course, or within 31 days before the start of the course. Please contact [email protected] for more information and get on the ideal agile coaching track today.