Kanban System Improvement

Kanban System Improvement is the expert level course of the Kanban

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A Kanban Management Professional 2 certification is the second course after Kanban System Design (KMP I) to attain Kanban Management Professional credential. Also known as Kanban System Improvement, this course is designed for managers or individual contributors to achieve the following organizational goals:

  1. Increased customer satisfaction and experience.

  2. Improved service delivery.

  3. Enhanced workforce flexibility.

  4. Reduced organizational overburdening.

  5. Increased enterprise-wide compatibility.

  6. Increased trust, satisfaction, and transparency.

Kanban Management Professional course is an alternative path to agility, allowing managers and other individual contributors to effectively build and operate a Kanban system. It is a 5 day course series consisting of Team Kanban Practitioner, Kanban System Design, and Kanban System Improvement courses.